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Personalize your
woodworking projects

  • Branding irons made fast and beautiful
  • Use your logo or have us make a design unique to you

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Our Goal

Our goal is to improve people’s lives. Touch one of our products and instantly feel the quality. We only make the best.

Your Questions

I have artwork ready to go, what next?

Great! We have four standard sizes, 1” x 2”, 1” x 3.5”, 2” x 2”, and 2” x 3.5”. They cost between $110 – $220 depending on size and custom artwork. Cost includes the iron itself, shipping, and a handle that’s hand turned by a friend of ours.

I have don't have artwork, what do I do?

We have a few ways that we can help you put together your artwork. We can send you a sheet of logo templates, where we can add your own custom text in your choice of fonts. Or if you can describe what you want I can pass it on to our graphic designer, he’ll put together a design for you for an extra $50. Either way we’ll send you proofs for your approval before we do anything that’s irreversible.

How long will it take after I submit my artwork?

We can generally get the iron in the mail about three days after you approve the proofs. We ship everything priority mail which takes another 2 or 3 days.

How long will my custom artwork take?

It takes about a day to finish the design. After you approve the proofs we can generally get the iron in the mail about three days later. We ship everything priority mail which takes another 2 or 3 days.

What kind of files do you accept?

We can work from just about any sort of digital artwork. We prefer a SVG, EPS, or AI, but a high resolution PNG or JPG works as well. We can even digitize a picture of a sketch if you would like.

What are your branding irons made out of?

Our branding irons are all made from brass. The 2” wide ones are made from half inch thick brass flat bar, the 1” ones are made from 1” diameter round stock with half of the round bar milled away to provide a 1” wide flat area. The handles have a steel shaft, with a hard maple grip.

How small of a branding iron can you make?

We can put more detail on an iron than actually looks good when you use it (depending on your application). Wood does not hold detail as well as leather does because the design can be “lost” in the natural wood grain. We can make the design as small as you would like, but we recommend that the thinnest line be no thinner than 1/32 of an inch. Bigger and bolder designs almost always look better.

How large of a branding iron can you make?

2”x3.5” is the largest we can do. Our mill is designed for smaller, detailed things. It’s great for most of the irons that we make, but really limits the max size we can do.

Where are you located?

We’re in Indianapolis.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If you ever have problems with your iron we will either repair or replace it at no cost.

AJ & Scott

Founder’s Note by AJ and Scott

Design The Everything (DTE) was founded by AJ Huff and Scott DeRuby. DTE first saw life under the name “Indiana Prototyping” while we were in college.

Indiana Prototyping focused on helping entrepreneurs iterate their products, but it was always our goal to shift into developing our own products.

When we graduated from college and found day jobs, we were able to start dedicating the time and money necessary to develop our own products. We re-branded Indiana Prototyping into Design The Everything.

We have worked hard to bring as much  manufacturing in-house as we can in order to bring you the best product possible.

Personalize your
woodworking projects

Branding irons made fast, custom, and beautiful