You have come seeking answers…we have done our best.

Are you planning on running another Kickstarter campaign?

Yes! We love the Kickstarter community and are actively working on our next campaign. We will update everyone with details when we get closer to launch.

Will you sell Spire after the Kickstarter ends?

Yes! We have recently added the Spire to our store. The version of the Spire we’re selling now has some small tweeks to make it even better.

Where can I get refills for Spire?

You can purchase refills from any office supply store.

You can also purchase refills from Amazon here.

Can I buy different colored or weight refills for Spire?

Yes, you can buy refills in a number of colors and thickness from Amazon. Here are some of our favorites:

Black Thin

Black Broad 



How was Spire designed?

Spire was designed using Autodesk Inventor, and first prototyped in plastic with a normal FDM 3D printer. The design was finalized after about a month of late nights, dozens of prototypes, and about 9000 cups of coffee.

How is the Spire made?

Spire is made with Binder Jet 3D printing. The process starts by building the pen out of stainless steel powder using a “binder” to hold the powder together. The pen is then moved into an oven where the binder is burned off, the powder is sintered into a solid piece, and bronze is added to fill the space left by the removal of the binder.

There's a problem with my product, what do I do now?

Panic! (But don’t really.) Send us an email at Contact@DesignTheEverything.com and we will help you resolve the issue.

Do people actually ask these questions?

No, we had to make our website before we launched our Kickstarter, but if you have any questions that weren’t covered here, you can email us at Contact@DesignTheEverything.com