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About DTE

Oh yeah…prepare yourself for huge chunks of text.

We Have 3 Principles


Practical design adds value to your life. You want to use it and touch it because it works and it fits into your life.


Simplicity and quality are our watch words. Everything designed to work for you when you need it.


Binding it all together, we strive to intentionally design every detail, from idea, to manufacturing, to delivery. Our goal is for everything we design to be used every day.

Our Mission

Making things people love to use every day.

How We Design

We put a lot of thought into every aspect of our products, from idea, to the way it feels in your hand. Here’s the fast and dirty version of our process.

Step 1 – Idea → (Iterate)

Some of the best advice we’ve ever receive is, “Ideas are cheap.” Good ideas come along more often than you’d think. Execution separates the greats from everybody who sits on their butts and think “I could have done that.”

We spend a lot of time throwing around ideas. Anything noteworthy is written down in a notebooks we carry around with us everywhere (highly recommended.) Even if we don’t use an idea on our our current project many of them will be used future products. We have a long list of stuff we want to get to!

Step 2 – Design → (Iterate)

This is the fun part in both our opinions. It boils down to fleshing out our ideas more. The better fleshed out the idea is the better the rest of the stages in the Design Process tends to go. But the reality is A) the Design Process is never this pretty in reality, we don’t always go from step 1 to 2 to 3, etc. and B) completely fleshing out the idea is near impossible most of the time. It just depends on what types of products we’re making. We also have a tendency to remake the wheel when we don’t need to. But we’re always improving.

Step 3 – Review

Time to step back and see how things are going. Really, this tends to happen interstitially as we design and as we throw around ideas.


Step 4 – Prototype → (Iterate)

We prototype all of products (with some small excecptions based on the project.) We choose products we are able to make in house. Because we have chosen to make everything in our own shop we are able to prototype, which is hugely valuable in shaping the final design of the product. We are able to find user experience flaws, production flaws, and tiny things we never would have found without making a prototype.

Prototyping takes time, so we do our best to plan for this. Building time to prototype into our production schedule.

Step 5 – Test

We do our best to test our prototypes out once they’ve been made. We like to get feedback from anyone and everyone who will listen about whatever we’re working on.

(Then we probably prototype again…test…prototype…you get it)

Step 6 – Release

One of the best parts of any project is release. You finally get to see what we’ve been working on and we get to take a slight breather. We all rejoice at the good work we have done, hopefully, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we do our best! That’s where you come in. We ask all of you for your feedback. Make tweaks and changes. Then begin again at the Idea step.

Some Things About Us

Scott DeRuby / Co-founder

Scott is a Designer, currently working for an ad agency. He went to college for 3D animation, switched to graphic design early on, and has now found product design as his one true love. He enjoys hanging out with friends, working on his design skills, reading and discussing tech news, and playing League of Legends in his free time.

AJ Huff / Co-founder

AJ is a Mechanical Engineer, currently working for a metal shop. He grew up tinkering, which led to eventually working as a machinist, and then as an engineer at his current job. AJ spends most of his time free time in his shop making things, drinking coffee, and making fun of Scott.


Who we were and where we’ve been.

Design The Everything (DTE) was founded by AJ Huff and Scott DeRuby. DTE first saw life under the name “Indiana Prototyping” while we were in college.

Indiana Prototyping focused on helping entrepreneurs iterate their products, but it was always our goal to shift into developing our own products.

When we graduated from college and found day jobs, we were able to start dedicating the time and money necessary to develop their own products. We re-branded Indiana Prototyping into Design The Everything.

We have worked hard to bring as much  manufacturing in-house as we can in order to bring you the best product possible.